Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beyond the Palin

I consider myself neither a Republican or Democrat..... who would really want to be fully associated with either party in these times. I have both liberal and conservative views, just depends on the matter at hand. The game of politics is a sad old tale told by people who wouldn't know a straight answer if it climbed over the White House fence and peed on the Rose Garden . I've always been more fascinated with the laughable back and forth we see in all types of media and how they can try to manipulate people's opinions based solely on rederic. It's a damn shame that our political system really only allows us 2 viable choices when it comes to selecting who will be the face of our nation. Writing in Baba Booey or your best friend isn't really going to change the political landscape but it sure is fun, isn't it? So we're down to the final 2, the best of the worst or to those that stood on the floor of the recent coming out parties for both the Democrats & Republicans waving signs like their at Wrestlmania, the best of the best. Which brings me to Sarah Palin. I have no problem whatsoever with a strong, intelligent, hard working woman..... I've been surrounded by them my whole life. It really is about the issues and what she stands for not to mention that if elected she would be one more melanoma on John McCain's forehead away from being the leader of this nation. It's funny how the right wing media attacked Michelle Obama, questioning her patriotism but now going after Palin's family is off-limits. Barack really disappointed me on this one, he took the high road in an otherwise low road political game. I understand he can't come off as sounding like a bully but the other night Palin compared herself to a pit bull.....let's hope she has the sack to match. During the DNC, Republican pundits kept waving the "What makes Barack Obama qualified or experienced enough to be President" flag all over Denver but those same people now see Palin, who is quite possibly the least qualified Vice Presidential candidate in recent memory, as some sort savior among the Republicans. A "reformer" they're calling her, an outsider, someone who can really bring change to Washington. Why, because she got rid of a few corrupt City Councilmen in a town that only the most hardcore of alcoholics have ever heard of.....sorry Alaska. I'm sorry but she looks like she's a few tequila shots away from turning into the girl from Van Halen's Hot For Teacher video. McCain was trying to be slick here, figuring that putting a woman on the ticket would bring some of the wayward Hillaryites over to his side, as if the only reason people voted for Hillary was because she was a woman. He also did this to try to sway the hardcore right wingers, many of whom see McCain as not "Republican" enough. Just an aside but didn't that video of Palin shooting an automatic weapon give you flashbacks of some cheesy Roger Corman flick. Palin wants to do away with abortion even when it comes to cases of rape and abuse. She wants to rid our schools of sex education, something her now pregnant 17 year old daughter Bristol may have benefited from. She wants to teach Creation alongside Evolution.....I can see it now....."Johnny, what did you learn in school today?"....."Well Mom, we learned that Democrats evolved from monkeys but Republicans were created by God and placed on this Earth to uphold our laws and protect us from evil". "Good boy Johnny, now go watch some porn on the internet because that's how your gonna learn the art of making whoopy!!!!!" Good God, some one save us from this insanity. I've never heard the term "Hockey Mom" more than I have the last week. Soccer Moms around the country are ready to revolt, chanting "Puck You Palin!!!". Bristol Palin's baby daddy proudly flaunts on his MySpace page that he's a know Jamie Lynn Spears is wetter than a slip n' slide over this guy. John McCain met Palin twice before handing her the #2 spot, pretty sound judgement, wouldn't you say? McCain's decision making process has to be questioned regardless of whether you think she is right for the job or not. I'm sorry but being the Governor of Alaska and the Mayor of Whatchamacallit before that really doesn't get me all pumped up. I'm not saying that the Obama/Biden ticket is God's gift, it has it's flaws as well but Palin's empty Passport doesn't give me too much confidence in her ability to deal with the Putin's of the world. Republicans are saying she made a rousing speech the other night, a grand introduction to the National Stage, as if they were almost surprised that she could pull it off and even more hopeful that she would. Note to the GOP.....being a good public speaker doesn't necessarily mean that you're ready for the rigors of dealing with the world's problems. In all fairness this goes for Obama as well. I say she's fair game, if you want to run with the big dogs than you better be ready for all the piss, poop and dry humping that come along with it. She sounded strong and confident in her views the other night but no one was jabbing right back. It will be interesting to see how she comes off when she (hopefully) debates Biden and even more interesting to see how the Democrats walk the fine line when going after her on the issues. I don't know what four years of Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin will bring us, how could you really ever know. Millions of people voted for Bush and I'm sure they were confident in his abilities at the time but have since found that you really can't teach an old spoiled brat who gets everything he wants any tricks at all.....unless you count disaster as a trick. Our forefathers were geniuses but they were so 18th century. I support the Second Amendment but the same rules do not apply today. Relax people, the British aren't trying to tax our tea anymore and militia's aren't pounding on your doors. These NRA folks that bow down to Palin will try to make you believe that having the right to own a weapon is the single most important issue that we face. I'm sorry, but invest in a good home security system & save your family the misery of burying a child that finds daddy's gun in the closet when nobody's home. Palin to me is the face of all that is still archaic about this country. Some would say this is a good thing, they'll say this is what we need, be more like the visionaries of the past, uphold our long standing traditions. Tell this to the kid who is texting on their cell phone, playing Grand Theft Auto while listening to their Ipod and scamming on how to get the next door neighbor into their own little Garden of Eden. We are getting further and further away from the George Washington's and Thomas Jefferson's that once filled our text books. Times have changed, like it or not, and the last thing we need right now is someone in Office who would rather hide those changes by channeling their inner Confederate than deal with them head on.....not very pit bull like, wouldn't you say?